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Lucky 7

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Brigit Delaney
2 min readMar 7, 2022


“Now you really are my lucky seven.”

Brow furrowed, stealing my tenuous after-glow, “I thought you said I was your first?”

He offered a backpedaling smile that implicated him and dismissed me.

“Oh come on, you knew that wasn’t true.”

I had. And in that moment, I dismissed myself, too. I pushed the lie aside, slipped into the tiny trailer bathtub, and washed away the scent of 16-year-old sex: a mix of fear, hope, expectation, and disappointment.

He held me as I traced the cracks in the tile with my toe and stared at the 7-shaped scar on my ankle.

This is another autobiographical tale. The full story can be found HERE. Back then, I romanticized the moment, possibly because I needed to. But with time and distance, I can see the cracks in the tile with a little more clarity, and still see the beauty.

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